What's a "BRG"?

Most large hotel chains have a "best price guarantee" meaning if you find a lower rate within a time period somewhere outside their official reservation channels they will match the lower rate and usually give an additional discount as a compensation.

Does it work?

Even though these programs may first sound like a marketing scam, they actually may lead to substantial savings.

Consider for example a Hilton hotel that is sold for $100/night on hilton.com and for $96/night on another site.

If a claim for Hilton's Best Price Guarantee program is successful, they will match the rate and give an additional 25% discount, resulting in $72/night which is 28% lower than the original rate.

And because it is reserved using the official channels, the stay will also count towards status benefits.


Finding BRG's

Finding potential Hotel BRGs may be tedious and time-consuming, as most programs require that the lower rate must be in identical room with identical terms.

Claim must also be usually submitted within 24 hours from the time of the original reservation.



HotelBRGs.com aggregates some potential deals found in various hotel reservation sites.

We are not able to cover all the possible date combinations but feel free to adjust the dates to your needs and see if the deal applies to your travel dates.